[music] WaterMellonJollyRancher [crowd: fuck rap]

mo out!

 [music] Watching Over Me [crowd: fuck metal]
 [music] PRAY TO YOUR GOD! Don'T TakE YouR PaiN OuT on me [crowd: symphony of destruction]
 [music: electric guitar on fire] Your head is coming soon. I'm in your head.
  Big Head and Big Pussy are coming soon. Fuck Internet malware!

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Seems like

Seems like Nightwish's "Weak Fantasy" - weak
Seems like Sepultura - bring the noise
Seems like Symphony X - symphony
Seems like Generation X - x
Seems like I hate the world - you're crazy
Seems like my girlfriend is being used - get your own
Seems like a girl is in the rock band - and she quit to have her baby
Seems like you got a fetish - I don't
Seems like gays are legal couples now - you don't know what my face really looks like
Seems like you're laughing - what's the joke?
Seems like Bullet For My Valentines - why do you disrepect rock stars?
Seems like Ghost - why don't you show yourself?
Seems like Death - are you mad?
Seems like an antichrist - maybe you can tell me what a symphony is
Seems like food for thought - what was I thinking?
Seems like a gray-haired old man - what do you want?
Seems like a tinkerbell tattoo - should I be afraid?

Lacuna Coil - Comalies - Reviews - Encyclopaedia Metallum:

Comalies could mean many things.
I'm thinking of black comalies found in acquariums as pets.
So what does black comalies mean to this band?
I will tell you without thinking. It means there are good bands, and there are bands pretending to be good.
Need I say more?

Here's what Wikipedia has to say about Lacuna Coil.

Lacuna Coil is an Italian Gothic metal band from Milan. Since their formation in 1994, the group has had two name changes, being previously known as Sleep of Right and Ethereal.[9] Inspired by the combination of gothic imagery and music, the members have been known, musically, for composing mid-tempo songs consisting of prominent guitar lines and contrasting dual female/male vocal harmonies to help create a melodic, detached sound. Much of the band's recent material, however, sees a heavier and more down-tuned style, featuring a more distinct bass line and a higher mixing of the guitars within the songs.[10][11] The band's 2012 release, Dark Adrenaline, peaked at number 15 on the Billboard 200. As of March 2012, Lacuna Coil has sold over 2 million records.
Whatever man. If you want fast and careless this is not exactly what you are looking for. Your mood got to be ill. Your language can't use the word 'bullshit'. Then if you want a tempo of girl waves, careless lyrics and commerical-free extras, this is it. Man Wikipedia can't describe this. If it could, this thing wouldn't be.       


Butcher Babies

Here's a hard-to-find image of a bad women. Women are not bad if that what you are looking for. Some women wiggle their hips when trying to be bad. rollers.jpg But for all the odd balls, cool women twist around bad times like super hero Wonder Woman. tex-talk-curtain.jpg One bad picture, however, might be a woman painting her face like a skeleton. Maybe not a witch but what?? Anyway, huge green rollers sticking out of her head is all you will detect. Women sometimes are like the Orion.jpg Orion stars in astronomy. This image is pretty cool. Here are some facts about it.
Night sky in February 2013 | Astronotes
www.armaghplanet.com 400 x 300
Image of Virgo cluster and Spica

Is That a Match? Light Years

5 Minutes Alone - '94 Far Beyond Driven - Lights out!

If children are engrossed in entertainment, then why do adults say they were slackers when they grow up?
Slackers don't grow up to become stars like Nirvana, Limp Biskit, Rage Against the Machine, Hollywood Undead, Monster Magnet, Slipnot, Puddle of Mudd, Papa Roach and last but not least NOTHINGFACE.
They don't become wild, wild west gun slingers like Korn, Static X, Megadeth, Eminem (aka, Stan) and Linkin Park.

I think they are both lazy to men and unpatriotic to society. Think of spoil brats and girls borned with a silver spoon in their mouths.
Home, Sales, Furniture, Sales, Music Sales

Considered to be one of the founders of the sub-genre of progressive metal, Prince 300px h=300px Fates Warning is an American band formed in 1982 in Connecticut.
More info. at laweekly.com

      Him 380px h=379px
      HIM is a gothic metal band from Finland.
|   Song Facts About Tool's Lateralus     Lateralus Song Facts

Check out my graphics. 224 x 92, a1star.com/star-space-animated-aliens.php Don't look at me if you hate em.
But if you love em, still don't look at me if you're male! Otherwise, get in touch because we are going to setup some noise in some traffic!!!
Little children should not know a thing about ugly creatures like this. 714 x 554 If a child is as ugly as this creature, then maybe that child will die ugly.
Sometimes a simple women is like a crawfish, always throwing her hands up.
181 x 121
Soon as you meet her you want to sniff... and leave her un-compensated.
Here is an O6 drum on an O6 stage.
R.I.P., stacks on me. Here's a lesson for the "Old School". You don't go back to school. You go to school.

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